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RETRO 1.4X3 - Start time: 08-06-2022-20-39-27 GMT
Game Name: Rangers
Mission: Accelerated Dragon!
Level Number: 1
Players: 3/3
Mode: Anarchy
Status: Archived
Joinable: Closed
Show on MiniMap: N
Difficulty: Ace
Version: D2 0.58.1
Reactor Life: 50 min(s)
Max Time: n/a
Time Elapsed: 14 min(s)
Time Left: n/a
Kill Goal: n/a
Respawn Style: Long Invuln
Short packets: N
Packets/sec: 30pps
Bright Ships: Y
P2P (Retro) Proto: N
Spawn with burner: Y
Primary Dupe: n/a
Secondary Dupe: n/a
Secondary Cap: Uncapped
Low Vulcan Ammo: N
Custom Colors: N
D1 Style Weapons: N
Disallowed Items
Proximity Bombs
Gauss Cannon
Helix Cannon
Phoenix Cannon
Omega Cannon
Smart Mines
Earthshaker Missiles
Energy Converter
Score Board
PlayerKillsDeathsSuicidesKill/Death RatioTime in Game
icewolfc301422.1414 min(s)
tiger182310.7814 min(s)
firefly153410.4414 min(s)
Detailed Score Board

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