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REDUX 1.0 - Start time: 06-02-2024-21-33-56 GMT
Game Name: aux_game
Mission: Descent: First Strike
Level Number: 22
Players: 1/4
Mode: Cooperative
Status: Archived
Joinable: Open
Show on MiniMap: Y
Difficulty: Hotshot
Version: D1
Reactor Life: 5 min(s)
Max Time: n/a
Time Elapsed: 71 min(s)
Time Left: n/a
Kill Goal: n/a
Respawn Style: Long Invuln
Short packets: N
Packets/sec: 20pps
Bright Ships: Y
P2P (Retro) Proto: Y
Primary Dupe: 8x
Secondary Dupe: 8x
Secondary Cap: Uncapped
Low Vulcan Ammo: N
Custom Colors: Y
Homing Rate: 25
Retro Homing: Y
Custom Mods: Y
Reduced Flash: N
Vulcan Ammo: Dupl
Score Board
PlayerKillsDeathsSuicidesKill/Death RatioTime in Game
Kaizen0100.0035 min(s)
purge-11120.0070 min(s)
player-52050.0071 min(s)
Detailed Score Board

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